The proposed project’s expected outputs are connected directly to its activities. Particularly, the project’s actions include the following outputs:
  1. 3 managerial meetings of the project’s management and coordination,
  2. the project’s website,
  3. 1 full promotional package (1 communication plan, leaflets, cds, banners, notebooks, pens, press releases,  radio releases,  informative issues, project’s logo and slogan, promotional video),
  4. 4 final conferences (3 in Greece and 1 in North Macedonia),
  5. 4 conferences for the awareness of the entrepreneurs for the incubator (3 in Greece & 1 in North Macedonia),
  6. two studies for the current situation,
  7. Report and recording of good practices,
  8. Business Plan for  the creation of the Incubator,
  9. Studies and Infrastructure works for 4 buildings (2 in Greece and 2 in North Macedonia),
  10. Study for funding tools,
  11. Creation, staffing and training of the bodies’ staff,
  12. Workshops for the beneficieries’ support,
  13. Network for the support of the entrepreneurs (mentors, consultants etc),
  14. Hospitality offer to cooperation places,
  15. Meetings between the mentors and the entrepreneurs,
  16. Training seminars,
  17. Study-Research for the participants for the standarisation of the new body characteristics,
  18. Sustainability study for the new Incubator,
  19. Lawyer and techical support for the establishing of the incubator,
  20. project’s external evaluation,
  21. one policies guide for the project’s continuation after the funding’s end.
The most part of the above outputs are tangible, even though they aren’tmaterials, something which proves that the proposed project is able to achieve its objectives effectively and efficiently as well.

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