The project’s general target is the enhancement of the entrepreneurship in the cross-border area. This general target, in order to be succeeded, is seperated in sub-objectives coresponding directly to its actions. Particularly, the proposed project aims at the establishing of new individual, enterprises in the field of sea, agriculture and environment and at the enhancement of the existing ones. In order to achieve this objective, it targets to an effective professional training and consulting – mentoring of its target group among entrepreneurial issues with the aim to offer them a qualified background, so that they participate in future in the incubator body that will be prepared during the project. The establishment of new enterprises and the reinforcement of the existing ones are connected directly to the other project’s objectives, the unemployment decrease and the creation of new job positions.

Through the proposed project it is scheduled to be created employment opportunities by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross border area as are the sea, the agriculture and the environment, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices as are the IT technologies. The proposed project’s long-term objective is to create a Incubator in each area which will be oriented to a particular field that is recognised in each area (marine, agriculture, environment) and to create a Network among these incubators. This will be a very strong asset for the entrepreneurship of the cross border area and it is scheduled to boost the local professions in each area and to enhance the opportunities of the young entrepreneurs with the use of IT technologies in traditional occupations as marine & agriculture professions.