The youth employment is a major problem not only for Prefectures and Municipalities but also for Central Government too. The industry faces a very strong crisis and the industry parks are abandoned.
Today in Greece very few clusters and business parks are in operation. The ratio residents/business parks are one of the lowest in Europe. Simultaneously, the educations institutes produce many intelligent scientists with very high knowledge of new ICT and high level qualifications.
Especially in medium and large Municipalities there is a strong core of new scientists with innovative ideas. Via internet many products and services are promoted to aboard. It is very crucial this core to be benefited and to be supported to create new things.
The same situation takes place in North Macedonia where the entrepreneurship and the competitiveness are in low level.

Our proposal

Our project IBiSEAit propose the creation of a pre-Incubator in the areas that will be involved in the project for the hosting of new innovative entrepreneurs in order to exploit the infrastructure, the characteristics and the advantages of the cross border area. Through this project it is scheduled to be implemented all the required procedures in order to establish a pre-incubator network and after the end of the project to be ready for full operation of the Incubator network in North Macedonia and Greece. More particular, there will take place actions as studies, researches, infrastructure restoration, workshops, mentoring etc in order to prepare the new entrepreneurship body (incubator).