One 12-member Steering Committee will be set up for the efficient and effective project’s management and coordination. It will be constituted by the Project managers from each partner and the representatives of the external expertises who will undertake the Management of the project in each side, while it will be responsible for decision making during the project’s duration. In case of some important changes and difficulties that may be emerged during the project, the above steering committee will decide jointly. Nevertheless, the PB1 with his Project Manager will be responsible for the main project’s management and coordination. All of the partners with the support of their external expertises will be in continuous cooperation and communication with each other, in order to implement precisely the project’s actions and in accordance with the project’s timetable. More particularly, the PB1’s Project Manager, apart from his overall supervision responsibility, will also be responsible for the evolution of the actions which will be implemented by the rest of its partners from its side and for that reason,he will be in every day contact with their project managers. The PB1’s Financial Manager will cooperate jointly with the rest of the Greek and North Macedonian partners in order to support supervise their expenditures. All of the partners will coordinate their co-operation and the project’s implementation through the 3 managerial meetings which will take place during the project. The PB1 is the one who will be responsible to communicate with the Program’s Management Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat. The Technical advisor will be in continuous contact with all partners and will provide them with technical assistance for the project management and the project progress (progress reports, tenders preparation etc). All partners will be responsible for the commitment with the national and EU policies and legislations.

Joint Secretariat Interreg IPA CBC

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Leader Partner: Greek Association of IT, Telecom Applications and New Technologies Companies

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